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Equestrian sports start at the XXIIND Central American And Caribbean Games Veracruz 2014

Horse Inspection and Facilities

XALAPA, Veracruz, Mexico. 14th November 2014

The arrival in Xalapa by land seems as if out of a Hollywood movie, suddenly the rocky, arid landscape of the central Mexican plateau turns into a humid foggy wetland with very low clouds. As we descend (Mexico City is at 2,250 m above sea level, and Xalapa is at 1,400 m at it’s lowest), the fog gets thicker, until we see a sign announcing our arrival at Xalapa’s limit.

We couldn’t see anything beyond one or two car lengths, the city seems shrouded in mystery, even the taillights of cars ahead seem blurry, the signs are almost not visible till you’re upon them… Not that they’re much help. Even the GPS navigator gets confused, but finally we find a sign for the Coapexpan residential area and just when we’re beginning to despair of the accuracy of said GPS we see walking on the street with their unmistakable air and walk the grooms of the Club Hípico Coapexpan. A few meters ahead and we’re at the site. (Relief).

The facilities are beautiful, nestled at the foot of a hill there’s a sand arena with it’s white fences surrounded by the 12 letter markers of Dressage sport. This club has already been the site for numerous CSI’s, but this is the first time a Dressage show has taken place, and not just any regular show, but the Dressage competition at the oldest regional games.

Today was an ambiance and familiarization practice day, the Horse Inspection started at 9 am local time, and the starting order was in alphabetical order by National Federations.

In total there are 23 combinations representing 9 countries.

All 23 horses passed the Horse Inspection and were approved. The jury is comprised solely of female judges, all but one from the American continent:

Judge E: Isobel Wessels de Gran Bretaña,

Judge H: Lorraine MacDonald de Canadá,

Judge C: Marian Cunningham de Perú,

Judge M: Janine Rohr de Argentina,

Judge B: Sandy Hotz de EUA.

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